The Dairy Farm

At the dairy department of the Cooperative, the milk produced by the Brown Alpine cows of the Alpe del Garda farm and related member farms is skilfully worked and transformed by the passion handed down over the years by our dairy farmers. This is how characteristic products that maintain their typical and traditional flavour of mountain cheeses are created.

Alpe cheeses: between tradition and modernity

Combining century-old traditions to modern times was our major achievement. Advanced milking machines and equipment make our production safe, ensuring the milk of our Brown Alpine cows is always excellent, full of flavour, and healthy.
Only in this manner our cheese artisans can make their magic come true by creating with dedication and commitment delicious cheeses to be consumed fresh or to be aged patiently over several months.

Brown Alpine Cows

Since 1998, our farm breeds exclusively Brown Alpine cattle, a strong and sturdy cow that is perfectly suited for the mountains. The Brown Alpine cow is well known in Europe for the quality of its milk and for the excellence of its meat.